Saturday, October 31, 2009

Trax part 2: time to pick the pumpkins

Maggie was pretty quick to scale through the piles of pumpkins to find hers, but Fionn well...he took a little longer, dug through a few more to find that PERFECT one...


3 wonderful people say::

Anonymous said...

I sure hope you all had fun on
Halloween. We did!
Great pictures of the kids finding just the right pumpkin, also the one with their costumes. Daddy looks great too. Pop Pop told Wonder Woman she was suppost to fly up here to Albion to see us, hmmmm(?) we haven't seen her yet.
Just think it is almost time for your trip. I do hope you have a wonderful time.
I love you all, Mema

Hilary said...

What cute pictures!! Hope that you and baby are feeling good :)

Anonymous said...

Hi All! I finally am back up and running so am catching up with the news! Love the pictures of you all at Trax! Looks like everyone was having lots of fun. We were hoping for visitors for Halloween but no one came for candy! See you soon. Hugs & kisses, Aunt She