Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Dancing Queen...and King

Okay now that you've all picked yourselves back up off the floor, you are NOT dreaming...yes indeed there is ANOTHER post from me today. I'm not saying the dry spell is over, the next few months are SUPER busy, but I'm trying my hardest!
My children LOVE to dance, they ADORE it. Yes, both of them. In return, it makes ME adore THEM even more. I warned you in the last post that they had a FABULOUS time at Drew and Kelly's wedding and they did dance the night away. Well Fionn did when he wasn't stealing cookies from the cookie table or hiding under the cake table, but either way he danced all that sugar away...

This last picture is especially sweet because Maggie went up to the DJ and requested he play a song that she could dance with HER daddy to, and he happily obliged.
Talk about melting my heart!

4 wonderful people say::

Anonymous said...


The pictures once again are just beautiful. I do think the children had a great time. Finster looks like a lil' dude, and Mags our princess. She is so thoughtful to ask for a dance for her & daddy.

Thank you for sharing and I hope your dad is doing better.

Have a wonderful day!
I love you, Mom

Hilary said...

How sweet! Love all the pictures! :)

Nicole said...

Very sweet! Love all the pictures!

Just Me said...

SO fun! :o)