Monday, October 19, 2009

A Perfect Night for a Wedding!

Last Friday, after a LONG and accident prone day, we met up with Greg at our friends Andrew and Kelly's wedding.
Daddy was the best man, so he left earlier in the day with Drew to go do "best man" stuff and I stayed home and got the kids ready when Mag got home from school.
It was not easy getting myself AND both of them ready for a wedding alone, keeping Fionn clean is almost virtually impossible these days, but we did the best we could. Maggie's dress was silk, so I was just waiting for a major meltdown and something getting on it before we left. BUT, we made it. Only five minutes late for the actual ceremony, but in our defense we had to go through rush hour traffic to get OUT of Pittsburgh for their wedding. Kelly was beautiful, and the church was aglow with candle light. We got there just in time for their vows, so the kids and I sat in the back row and just took it all in.
There was a little mix upon the way to the reception, since it was just the kids and I, and we were in uncharted territory. We found it after a couple turn-arounds, and a stop for gas though and made it there just before the wedding party.
We ate, danced, and had a great night. Once again, no full family pictures. But here are just a few that I did get. The dancing ones are a whole post in and of themselves, but enjoy these ones. I may be jaded, but boy do I think my family is beautiful. Thank you Lord, for I am truly blessed!

Maggie with Kelly and Andrew

Maggie and Kelly

Mag, Fionn and Daddy

My handsome men!

The princess by herself, getting ready to dance


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