Friday, November 21, 2008

NOT a good day so far...'s been an interesting start to the day here at the Hites household....
It really started yesterday, and just carried over, but it will get better, it has to!
After my whopping two hour nap, I got Maggie up and Daddy left work a couple minutes early in order to drive her to school instead of me having to take Fionn out in the cold to the bus stop. Since I've not been feeling well off and on for the past month(I've just been exhausted) Greg called earlier this week and made me a Dr. Appt. Sooo off we went to that. I got my flu shot and the new doc decided to run some tests. I have been working hard the last few weeks to start losing this weight that I've put on, and nothing, not one pound has come off, so i've been a little exasperated about that. So the new doc and I went over available options for that as well, after all the lab work comes back.
So we came home, Fionn's had his six month visit yesterday with Rosemary(who comes from the Alliance for Children) He qualified for these checks because of his little stint in the NIC-U. So I rushed around and cleaned up. Thursday IS laundry day, so I started that. Greg and Fionn laid down. They slept until I woke up Fionn at 1PM for his visit...Greg kept sleeping. Maggie came home, Greg kept sleeping. We woke him up beacuse he had an appointment at school yesterday, and he was WHITE, i mean really WHITE...
He called on the way home from his meeting, he had to pull the truck over to get out and well....umm give back what he had eaten we'll say...
He was SUPPOSED to go to the game last night, yeah...not so much. He came home, crawled in bed, and didn't move until after 11am today, and only then because I made him.
So I got the kids ready for bed, put them in bed, and then I proceeded to pass out as well.

This morning, got up, took Maggie down to the bus. Came home, decided to check my email, and noticed my watch on the floor. Yesterday I took off my watch and rings and put them on my desk while doing the laundry. So as I picked up my watch, I noticed my engagement ring was missing...I started to panic. Ella, our little kitty, likes to take Maggie's play rings.
(I guess she missed the memo about kitty's moving out for touching my REAL rings...)
So I start moving things, then I look down...the laundry room/storage/mommy's office has wood floors...One panel of the wood floor had a knot in it, an open knot, just big enough for Mommy's ring to get through...I take a deep breath, and decide to look around before I rip up the floor. I start picking things up, looking under things, heading closer to the door...There is a heater grate by the door that goes ALL the way down to the basement into the furnace. (The cat has already taken Maggie's angel pin from school and knocked it down the one in our room!) So i look down the grate. And there on the side, what do I see...MY RING!!

(who is very stupidly rubbing against my legs right now)
Okay, I try to calm down, I did leave them here, and she is just a kitty who loves to play...She was smart and hid for a few hours. So then as the boys napped some more this morning, I did some cleaning out in the kids room that I had to do. I don't know how one boy can grow so fast! He had his six month check up Weds. and is up to 17 pounds 5 oz. already. And he's over 26 inches long already! His feet, ugh, just like his sister, only growing FASTER than hers did! He's already in a 3 and they are getting small! We just had to go buy him 6-12 month socks, all his baby ones are too small already!
So, as I'm cleaning and putting away laundry, the doctor calls. Mono test is negative, thyroid test is negative, all other tests are negative. EXCEPT my Sugar test, which is high. I want to curse now. I have to go back Monday and do a fasting test, and even if it's borderline I have to start treatment. She reminded me that because of my Gestational Diabetes, my chances double for having diabetes now. So now I am trying to process. I am trying to figure out where we go from here. I know something's wrong, it has been for months, I was just really hoping this wasn't the problem. Right after I had Fionn my numbers looked good. Then I just stopped checking, the doctors didn't seem concerned, so we just let it go. I guess I should have pushed. I just didn't want to.
Tonight is light up night, we've gone every year since we moved here. There is a big Santa spectacular as he goes around downtown and lights up the city. There are even TWO firework shows. The ice skating rink opens, and it's official start to the Holiday season...
BUT it's too cold to take Fionn, and Greg really does have the stomach flu. Maggie is going to be so disappointed. She just realized the other day that we missed the circus and cried. It's been a rough year for her. This is all she's talked about all week. Poor girl. So that's where we stand. What a Friday! We're praying it gets better!!

3 wonderful people say::

Angie said...

oh honey. I will be praying for your test on Monday and that God will give the dr. wisdom!...and you strength!
We've had the stomach flu all week here too. Thankfully Matt and I were low key sick, but the kids have had it coming from both ends since Tuesday. I have done so much laundry...
Did you get your ring out? I can't wear my rings right now b/c I've gotten too fat. I need to get rid of this extra weight.
Time for bed b/c my little ones will be calling "mamma" bright and early whether I'm ready or not.

Lauren said...

Oh Hiteses!!! Let Brian and I know if you need anything!!!! Did you get the ring out? Is everyone feeling better? You're in our prayers for the Monday test, Ginger!

Nicole said...

I hope and pray that your test shows nothing or even next to nothing and that you can go on without worrying about diabetes. How scary. Hope your test went well and that everyone at your household is feeling better. Morgan & I are pretty sick with colds right now - just in time for Thanksgiving - joy! :o)

Well, have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Take care, Nicole