Friday, November 7, 2008

Fionn's on the web!!

when Fionn was born, I bought him this great outfit from a company called L'OVED Baby. I got him a shirt, pants and hat. They were made out of the softest cotton, and he seemed so comfy in them. It was our intention to wear that outfit home from the hospital, but while we were in the NICU he wore the shirt there instead. They were having problems getting a little t-shirt style shirt on him with all of his wiring, so I pulled mine out that was a side snap one so it easily fit over everything. This shirt and hat were the first thing Fionn wore in the hospital and the hat became a staple of the stay. He loved it. I was just online this week, looking to buy him more from this company, and remmebered that they have a photo gallery that you can send them pictures of your baby wearing their stuff. I sent a pic from the NICU of Fionn and wrote a little note with it. Well they published it! L'OVED BABY Fionn is all the way at the bottom, AND they published a bit of his story too! I do also have to tell you this is a pic from the NICU that I never posted, but it's a cute one!
Okay, time for the little man to eat breakfast. He tried his first green beans last night, and he actually ate, well...most of them! We hope everyone has a great weekend, it looks like rain, BOO!! At least we're headed home this weekend. Lots of fun things planned!

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Nicole said...

How cool is that?! Adorable picture of him on there. Of course I had to look at all the other baby pictures on there - cute babies and their names.

I wanted to mention that I really love the family of four picture that you've added to your blog - very nice picture of all of you. :o)

Hope you had a good weekend up north!

Take care, Nicole