Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Our Big Boy!

Well it's been quite a 24 hours, big things happened. I already posted how I feel about what happened nationally, so I'll catch you all up on what happened here.
We had family pictures last night, well tried to anyway...I had it set up with another local photographer that I know that she would come take ours, and then I would go and take their family shots. Which I thought would be great. I'm never in front of the camera, never. I was soooo excited to finally have a family picture with all four of us in it, I can't even put it in words. We only have a few snapshots of all four of us together. Well we could not start shooting until 4, as that's when the other photog could get there. We were a few minutes late getting started as there was traffic EVERYWHERE headed down to South Park. The sun was already starting to set and we were losing light so we had to move fast. Fionn did great, cooperated for most of the shots, smiled, had a great time. MAGGIE, on the other hand decided that she would face the camera, smile(sometimes) but look somewhere else in almost EVERY picture...I'm not kidding, there are FIFTEEN shots of the same pose, and I love the pose, and in not ONE picture did that child look at the stinkin camera.
I was so disappointed when I came home and saw the pictures. I'm going to try to salvage a few, and I was so happy the other photog could come, but it just didn't turn out. I was seriously bummed today and havn't even gone back to look at them again. I haven't even showed Greg yet.
This morning after we took Maggie to school, we took Fionn out to the Doctors. He's up to a whopping 17 pounds now! He had to go today for the first of many shots this winter. Since Fionn was intubated while in the NICU and since his lungs were immature, he qualified for Synagis, which is a monthly dose to protect him from RSV. He has to have this shot every month for the entire flu season, and still has to have a flu shot on top of this. It's a big IM shot(in both legs) as well, and they said it burns, so please keep our little guy in your prayers. In the next month alone he has to have his 6 month shots, a flu shot, and then another dose of Synagis. Something tells me he's going to be more than a little grumpy. I felt so bad this morning because he was so happy and laughing at the dr.'s office before the shots. Afterwards he just screamed and screamed!! My poor baby!
Maggie wanted to share with you a couple pictures that Mommy took of her and Fionn last night after the other photographer left. So here's what I got, too bad the light was fading fast!!

our babies, in the leaves

The boys, don't they look thrilled

Daddy helping Fionn walk across the bridge

3 wonderful people say::

Nicole said...

Sorry to hear you weren't so pleased with your family pictures. I hope you can "salvage" some that will make you somewhat happy. Can't wait to see them!

I can't believe that your son weighs 17lbs!!! I just sent you an email saying that Morgan is only 14.11lbs and she's 6 1/2 months old!!! How crazy is that?! I'm glad he's a healthy little guy though, and doing well. :o) Too funny!

I love the pics that you took in the park - very pretty.

Take care, Nicole

Angie said...

oh shots with little ones is quite interesting! and I too have experienced the disappointing feeling of wanting shots to turn out great and then to have none that I love!

Grace is 13 months and only ways 20 lbs...Fionn is going to pass her by! Children grow and develop at such different paces...but it doesn't matter...they all bring such joy to our hearts!

I can't wait to see your wonderful family Ging!

boltefamily said...

We had the same issue with our pictures. We would get one of the boys to cooperate but the other would not! It was frustrating! The ones you took are beautiful though! I LOVE the ones of Fionn and Greg!