Sunday, September 27, 2009

Happy Birthday MEMA

Soooo, we've been holding out from you Mema, I have to admit... but TODAY, your birthday, seems like a great time to show you what we've been holding back.
You keep thanking US for a great vacation, but it was YOU and POP-POP that deserve the thanks. You are always just a phone call away, for anything. And vacation was more of the same. Look at Maggie's face below, she KNOWS that your soon to share dessert with her!

You had so much fun with the boys on the beach, the evidence is written on your face below...Here's your beach pictures with ALL the grand kids, thank you for being you Mom.
You brighten not only our day to day, but our whole LIVES. Thank you for being "made of the good stuff" as your son put it!

And here's your BIG surprise...don't print one for the house, we've already taken care of that. We just didn't want you to have to wait, since TODAY is your birthday!!

SURPRISE!!! A new FAMILY picture...
We love, love, LOVE you and hope today was the best birthday it could be!! We wish we were there to spend it with you!! Make sure you click the link in our twitter pics to see Maggie and Fionn waving hi to you!!

3 wonderful people say::

boltefamily said...

that is sooooooo awesome! what a beautiful family!

mema said...

Greg, Ging, Maggie, Fionn, & Bubba Gump,
I sit here in tears of joy and love for my totally AWESOME family.
You all are the best and one (?) yet to be.
Our times together mean the world to me. I call them my "Million Dollar Days!"
Thank you all for being the best kids a mother and mema could ever have.
You make my heart just dance! I love you, Greg, Ging, Maggie, Fionn, and Bubba Gump! XOXOXOX Mema

PS Thank you for giving me my dream vacation and a dream picture to go with it. Love, ME

Lauren said...

I really love this post!!!! I know you haven't been up for posting lately, but this one was well worth the effort you put in. :-)