Saturday, September 12, 2009

While the kids are away...

The kids left last night for Mema and Pop-pop's for the weekend.  Usually I would have had the camera out there, snapping away, as Fionn waved good bye for the first time, but not this time.  This is his first weekend away, and well I am surprised at how well I'M doing!  Greg planned this whole romantic weekend, but i've not been feeling well, so here we sit, at home.  
Our date day, and this is what we do...
We started off the morning at a session.  Greg was my wonderful assistant at this one.  His best friend is getting married next month, and we took some pre-wedding gift pictures for them.  
We were up at the West End overlook, that well, overlooks the city!  It's right by our house, and I can tell you that there's not one time that we're up there that the views aren't amazing!  See what a good assistant he is!  He makes me think that I may need on for real...
The boys can never resist goofing around...
Don't worry Kelly, Greg will make sure there are leaves falling for your pictures!  LOL, oh my!  Are those smiles or what?  I suppose I should post one that I took of them, but you'll just have to wait for those  as my husband just informed me it was time for a trip to Busy Beaver!  
And the fun continues!  
We hope that everyone is having a productive and fun weekend as well, and Maggie and Fionn, we love you and miss you!!  

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Just Me said...

Hope you are feeling better and were able to enjoy the rest of your weekend with the kids away. Looks like you had a ton of fun taking pictures of your friends :o)

Talk to you soon!
Take care,