Thursday, September 10, 2009

Getting ready for Kick off!

It's no secret that we are HUGE Steeler fans, so I thought that I would post these pics of Fionn I took today with my I-phone.  He was showing off his skills at getting up and down our staircase.  He was especially proud because, to mommy AND daddy's surprise, he got through the top one and down the stairs ALL BY HIMSELF.  We found him trying to open the baby gate at the bottom!  I thought he was in his room playing, but somehow he wormed a locked baby gate open!  Looks like I can't just trust he'll leave it alone now if it's shut!  

2 wonderful people say::

Just Me said...

You like the Steelers?! Kidding, kidding. I will tell you that everyone laughed at us "newbies" when we chose the Steelers' defense in the seventh round of our football draft, but it was a pick from the ♥ for you Steelers fans so I can cheer for them AND "my" team.

Love the pics of Fionn (and it was cool to see part of your house too!)

Nice little OT they had you on the edge of your chair yelling at the TV.

Take care,

Anonymous said...

Finster, you sure are growing toooo fast.

Way to Go Steelers, Way to Go!!!!

I can't wait to see you all this weekend.

I love you Mema