Saturday, December 4, 2010

Change of Plans

This morning was supposed to our annual Breakfast with Santa at Mag's school, and then our trek out to get our TREE.  Have I ever mentioned how much I love our trek out to get our tree?  It is, for me, the ONE  "family" holiday tradition that I will always want.  I don't care how old they get, they're coming home to get a tree with us, I'm a dork like that...
For Greg to get a WHOLE Saturday off, in December no less is nothing short of a miracle....
It was not to be I guess.  I'm typing this from a Hospital.  A hospital two hours away from Greg at that.  I got one of THOSE phone calls know those ones that make your whole life stop in just that instant.  The ones where the whole world falls silent while you try to digest what you just heard, just to be sure.  Then ask the caller to repeat what they just said, just to double check....
yeah, one of THOSE ones.
My Daddy had a stroke.  
The good news is it was just a MINI one so even as I type this, there is improvement.  They caught it FAST, and thank god they did as he was headed out the door to take a friend to run errands.  He was seconds away from being behind the wheel of his car.
I packed the kids and myself up, Greg went and grabbed Mag out of school, and we headed up as quickly as we could.  My FABULOUS in-laws have the kiddos so I'm able to sit here with him.  
I was here until 8 last night, not sure how long I'll be here again today.  
Everything looked good as his speech was improving, until today when they stated that they found a mass on his right lung.  Off he went for another CT.  We're still waiting for results....
I'm praying friends, he already has COPD and I'm not sure how well surgery would go. 
If you could, please say a prayer.

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Just Me said...

Praying for you, Ging and for your dad and family. (hugs)