Monday, August 2, 2010

Summer Sunday

There is just something special-almost magical about Mema and Pop-pops backyard in the summer.  It's always been that way.  It's my favorite way to spend a sunny summer day.  Sundays are family day at Mema and Pop-pop's.  It's a tradition.  Church, (pool) Lunch, (pool) Naps&Newspapers, dessert (pool) a little time in the sandbox and then maybe a dip in the pool.
a little family game of soccer in the front yard
pool time
look at me momma
go buddy go!
 Even Cate got in the pool...she liked playing with Pop-pop OUT of the pool much more though.
Remember Maggie's bird house?  It now has a occupants, who had BABIES.  The kids love watching the birds come and go.
Safety first!  Fionn was attempting to get in the pool alone.  We quickly changed his mind.

Fine then...i'll just put my float in the kiddie pool and relax!

you never know...bubbles could be dangerous...a life preserver is ALWAYS a good idea with Fionn!!

yep, magical...i mean look at those SMILES!  
Can't wait till this weekend when we get another Summer Sunday!!

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Lauren said...

We love these awesome summer fun pics of our godkids!!! ~LuLu & B