Tuesday, August 3, 2010


We were driving home from the Childrens Museum today and we were listening to a local country radio station (that was doing a promo for tomorrow's morning show) about Lady GAGA and her giving up of "relations" (oh if only THEY would say it that way) because it interferes with her creativity....
and my daughter pipes up from the backseat

Maggie: "Mom, gaga is that MEAN lady from 101 Dalmations"  I KNOW IT
Me: blink, blink....and then Baaaaaaaahhhhhhhaaaaaahhhhhaaaa 
(lots of laughter in case you don't speak laugh)

She had the MOST serious look on her face for about ten seconds and then she and her cousin segway into a conversation about 101 Dalmations as I CRACK UP while trying to drive! 
Ya'll this girl is seriously on a roll lately...

BUT, she has a point, don't ya think??
and I went for a TAME picture of Gaga....

1 wonderful people say::

Kimberly said...

OMG. That is hilarious. I love the things they come up with!!