Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Oh my goodness, I see a trend in the month of July on my blog.  Not many posts at all.  I guess that means we are too busy LIVING to stop and write everything down...So here is where we have been, it's been QUITE the summer!  You all know about our vacation, and our love of the zoo and all things water so here a little more of what we have been up to (in pictures, of course)

Let's start where we left off: Idlewild

Maggie loved these logs in the parking lot of Idlewild while we were getting everything ready to go IN to Idlewild.  It was another HOT and humid day, but at least it was sunny and the sky was blue this time, so that didn't seem to bother us, esp. not after the 3 days we spent in Phili!  We had a plan for Idlewild; Storybook Forest, kiddie rides, Soak Zone and then more was so hot that after Storybook Forest and our scary trip up the nets it was time for the WATER.   
Below are the pictures of our adventure on our trek through Storybook Forest and Soak Zone.  Cate did great, slept most of the time, liked the water, and then proceeded to hold her head up and look around the park until we left.  She seems to be reaching milestones quickly, and honestly, I just wish time would SLOW DOWN.  We know she's our last child and it's crazy to see how quickly she is figuring things out!  
On that note, back to Idlewood!  Enjoy!

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