Monday, July 19, 2010

Do Good Day

Last Wednesday was a fun day.  American Eagle's new store (77kids) was getting ready to open the next day out in Robinson so they hosted a "Do Good Day"  There was a group of other mommy bloggers over on the North Shore with goodies(and coupons) for the kiddos.  We drove down to check it out, and were blown away.  Both she and Fionn got bags filled with goodies with a "mission" inside...

They both had different Missions and we are excited to do both!  Maggie's mission is to write notes of thanks and to send them to "Thank a Veteran" in California.  Fionn's envelope had a bunch of blank paper addressed to a Senior high rise in the area.  He's supposed to color or paint on all the paper and then we'll send it off to hopefully brighten someone's day.  Seriously, how AWESOME is that?!!!?  We're sooo excited to do our missions.

 After we got our Missions we took a walk on the North Shore.  We stopped and visited the Fred Rogers Memorial on the North Shore while waiting for our next event!  Last Wednesday was the Sea to Shining Sea Bike Ride stopped here in Pittsburgh.  We had originally planned to go cheer them on at Maggie's school, but there was no way we could make it back in time after our trip downtown.  Luckily they were riding TO the North Shore and we're planning a stop there so we were in the right place at the right time (for once)
We still had a little time before they got there, so we continued our walk and even had lunch at Bettis Grill 36 (it was YUMMY)

Fionn enjoyed sitting and watching all the boats go by on the river, and Maggie enjoyed the cool breeze that we caught while down next to the rivers!  Cate decided she was done with riding in the newborn pouch in her stroller and decided she wanted to be a big girl and sit up instead.
yeah, she's adorable...we know.  She has us wrapped right around those little fingers.  As I type this she's laying on my chest sleeping. Every time I put her down she wakes up crying.  *sigh*  One day she'll sleep on her own right??
okay, I was distracted.  Back to the post (I can ramble all day about Cate)
After our lunch we went over and lined up, the riders were almost to the North Shore! 
We started waving our flags and cheering as they came around the bend in front of Heinz Field. Maggie was amazed by them, and Fionn waved that little flag like no one's business! This amazing group started their bike ride in San Francisco and will end it in Virginia Beach THIS week. I can't even imagine how difficult this ride was, if you get a chance please click on the link above to learn more about these brave veterans.  They are an amazing inspiration and true heroes.
We had a great day family day last Wednesday and were so happy that we could take our kids to see such an amazing event.  
It's been a great summer and we have been so busy.  I came back from Maternity Leave and have been swamped ever since.  I am NOT complaining at all, and love the work, but it def. puts a cramp in my blogging!  More soon, I promise! 

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