Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Dear Cate...month 3

Dear darling Cate, last Friday you turned THREE months! I know, already, it amazes me too!  You are such a HAPPY little girl!  I am so happy to be YOUR mommy.  God surely broke the cute mold when he made you!  I mean, I was sure that there could not possibly anyone as adorable as your brother and sister until you were born...now I know for sure that there can NOT be any more cute genes left out there!  Your mommy and daddy are so lucky!
You love your big brother and sister, but really only have eyes for your daddy!  Just tonight he came from work, and as soon as you saw him, your little face just lit up and you smiled from ear to ear.
You love to "talk" to us as of late and have really started "cooing" and are starting to make more and more noises.  You have also started to roll over already (you absolutely amaze me!)  For a little girl who was born a whole month early, you are ready to take on the world!  
You have also started sleeping through the night (most nights) and now drink 6-8 oz. every 4-5 hours.  You do NOT like to hear your brother upset and will cry now just because you hear Fionn crying.  You LOVE to give your big sister a hard time, but you adore her at the same time.(you already have this little sister thing down pat)
Basically, my darling girl, you are the apple of our eye and we have no idea how we ever functioned without you.  We are so excited to see you grow, but wish that time would SLOW down just a tiny little bit! 

ps. for the grandmas out there...here are a few more pictures of our little beauty!

Cate's newest trick, she loves making bubbles!

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Oh man those are super cute too :)

Just Me said...

Happy 3 month Birthday, Cate (a little bit late, but it happens ;) ) Beautiful girl, beautiful photos...wish you could make frequent trips here to photograph all of MY loved ones :)

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