Monday, February 22, 2010

tiny feet, HUGE footprints

Two years ago today I had the pleasure and privilege to help our friends Kristy and Howard welcome their fourth child, Asher Joseph, into this world. Two years ago today, I also joined them as they said good-bye and watched him go home to his heavenly father.
Asher came a little faster than expected, and by the time we made the two hour drive to Erie and made it to the hospital, he had already went to meet our Lord.  His brief 36 minutes on this earth were spend literally SURROUNDED by love.  Not only were his mommy and daddy, big brothers, grandparents, and aunts and uncles there to meet him, but so were a multitude of friends and other family.  Walking into the waiting room of the L&D floor, you would have never known we were all there to say goodbye...because we weren't.
We were there to CELEBRATE his beautiful little life.  No matter how short it was, HE was a part of us, a part of our "family".  For those of you that do not know this story, Asher was not only greeted in Heaven by our Father, but by his big brother, Isaac as well.  It is quite the road our friends have traveled, and if you would like to read more, I urge you to go read their blog to read the story from their persepective.
This story, is from my perspective.  It is about how one little boy can make such a HUGE impact in this world.  I know he and his brother have in mine.  In 2008 I joined Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep in their honor.  It is in their honor that I go, when called, and join other families as they say good-bye as well.  It is in no way easy, I carry a little piece of each child I meet with me.  They effect me, change how I see life, and I could never truly explain the emotions I go through while helping these families.  And if I am having a hard time with a session, I just think about my sweet friend, Kristy, who deals with this grief everyday, and I realize that I have my crazy children to come home to, and it helps me get through.  To remember the grief isn't mine to hold onto.
Every time I walk into a hospital room, I try to think of these parents as I would my friends, I remember the little things that were important to Kristy and Howard, and try to capture the small details for these families as well.  And yes, I think of Asher EVERY time I'm with another family.  I didn't take the pictures of Asher for Howard and Kristy, but I helped them edit them, and put a few things together for them. 
Just for a visualization, let me show you just how big of an impact these Bolte Boys have made in all of our lives.  This was team Isaac in 2007 for Walk America in Erie, Pa. 
This was our team picture in 2008, when we became Team Isaac AND Asher.  

and this my friends is our team picture from last year.  There were OTHER Team Isaac and Ashers as well, at other March for Babies across the country.  
These two little boys have left some mighty BIG footprints.  They have helped raise large sums of money for the March of Dimes and in their honor we are getting ready to walk again. 
Today is Asher's 2nd birthday, and if you feel inspired to do so, please help us honor him by donating to the March of Dimes.  Our widget is now up on the sidebar, you can either donate here, or over on Kristy and Howards blog. 
So today we want to wish Asher a sweet 2nd birthday, and thank him for impacting our lives so greatly.


4 wonderful people say::

kristy said...

Tears are rolling down my face as I type this. Thank you seems inadequate. It means more than you could know that you have been changed by my boys and you continue to give others priceless memories in our boys' honor. Love you and am so thankful you call you friend and "family".

Julia Bird said...

Oh, Ginger, what a wonderful thing to do! Your words are beautiful and appropriate! Thank you for being a friend to Kristy and Howard, and for sharing their story . They are blessed to have you as a friend, and you them!

Just Me said...

Beautiful words, Ginger. It is wonderful that you are are able to help other families and think about Asher and Isaac when doing so. I, too, have tears rolling down my face for I know that without Asher's life, there would be no "us". I am incredibly blessed to have your friendship, and Kristy's. Those tiny feet have left Huge footprints in my life as well...more than words can say. Happy Birthday Asher!

Santina said...

So touching Ginger! My heart and prayers go out to Asher and Isaac's family. I have not been able to walk the March of Dimes the past few years, but we are planning on making it again this year. I hope to see you there!