Saturday, February 6, 2010

February Snowstorm

After many attempts for Greg to get off our street to go to work, we had to give up. He then walked the dog and checked on the neighbors. To keep them entertained he dove backwards down the hill. I missed the first one where his legs were straight up in the air, so this one will have to do.
The snow is CRAZY here, we'll post more pictures later today once it finally stops. We hope everyone is keeping warm and safe today. We're just thanking God that we still have power.

2 wonderful people say::

mom said...

We are happy to share our snow with you. Love Mom and Dad

Just Me said...

Oh, my, that is NUTS! Glad you had fun though :o) (well, I'm sure there was a lot of it that was NOT fun, but this definitely does!) Please don't send any of that my way. Thanks.