Wednesday, February 24, 2010


We stocked up for the storm, just in case.  We still cloth diaper, you know 85% of the time...pretty much always when we're home.  BUT with the threat of no power (and no washer and dryer) I thought we had better be prepared...just in case.  That's the kind of person I am.  A just in case kind.  And I'm turning my daughter into one as well.  I'm not sure if that's a good thing or not.  
So since we were so well stocked, and stuck at home the last few weeks, I thought it was time to get SERIOUS about poddy training.
So we bought undies as well, well more undies actually, Santa was sweet enough to bring us some for Christmas.  But this time, I bought "training underwear" (like those would work better)

I didn't however buy baby legs which would seem would be the next things we need to purchase.  His poor little legs have to be cold!  And of course I was afraid to let him wear his Robeez (as we didn't want them soaked in well, pee) so socks it was...
As you can see, he's a mover.

oh my goodness, i love little tushies in undies!  After YEARS of princesses and pink, these crack me up!

 As you can see, he had no idea (or just didn't care) that I was SERIOUS about going on the poddy, he was more interested in playing.  I love this shirt he has on.  Just as of lately is he a hugger and a kisser.  This shirt was perfect for him, he'd love you...but on his terms.  

"hot, hot" he whispers as he turns on the water.  He likes to run in and wash his hands, without using the poddy...

Soccer is, after all, more important, especially when sissy is home to play with him.  
Since we took his poddy downstairs, we decided it may be a good idea to buy a second one to keep in the main bathroom upstairs.  He had been eyeing this one up for a while every time we were at Babies R Us, so I caved. 

So...Fionn...we're READY.  You have TWO potties, underwear, pull ups for naptime, and as of tonight, and understanding of when you "poop".  Bring it on.  Accidents and all.  
ps. I have NO idea on how to train a little boy and welcome all suggestions.  Maggie and I just try to make sure he has his "jiblet"(as she calls it) tucked in when he sits.  Poor boy, daddy isn't home enough to really help out in this area, I said, i welcome ALL suggestions!  Maggie was soooooo easy to poddy train, and was pretty much already there by this age.  I at least want to have it started before Cate gets here, with him on the right track.
So that's what has been happening at our house, lol.  Nothing that exciting, but here it's BIG!

3 wonderful people say::

Just Me said...

Good luck with that :o)

Have a great day!

Annie :) said...

Ging - I used bribery. Straight up bribery!! I got a big piece of poster board and made a chart... 8 rows of 5. At the end of each row I drew a little car. I bought a book of stickers, a bin of mini-gummy worms and 8 hotwheels. Everytime Ry when potty, he got to put up a sticker and got a gummy worm. When he reached the end of a row, he was able to pick out a new hotwheel. We went through the chart twice and for the price of gummy worms and 16 hotwheels, I had a potty-trained boy. It was fun for him and not stressful for me!! Good times!!

Aunt She said...

Love his new potty chair! Made me laugh. Good blog honey