Monday, December 7, 2009

November/December Fun

We have been sooo busy the last few weeks. I have started numerous posts, only to just leave them as drafts when I didn't have time to finish them. As most of you know this is the busiest time of year for me as a family photographer, even though this year has not been as busy as normal, I thew in that trip to Omaha and worked every day I was there.

The Sunday before Thanksgiving we surprised Maggie with tickets to the American Girl Fashion Show. This was her "big gift" for Christmas this year and she was sooo excited to get to go. It was just the two of us and it was a beautiful day for a drive up to the Pittsburgh Field House. Carissa and Maggie were lucky enough to get a new shirts that match, and Carissa ever got her hair done. The fashion show was great, and Mag ended up winning our beautiful rose center piece. She loved seeing all the girls walking and learning more about the Historical dolls. The Junior League of Pittsburgh did a great job organizing the fashion show. Monday night, the 23rd, was Maggie's big concert at school for the Holidays. It was a program for the 1st through 5th grade. It was beautiful watching them all sing. I have all her songs on video and promise to upload them soon. Sorry for the low light, grainy picture, the lighting in the church was very low. The next day, Tuesday, was Mag's Thanksgiving Feast at school. We agreed to go in and help, and let's not lie, I love getting to go in to help at Maggie's school. I love getting to know all the kids, and seeing Maggie interact with all of them. She was a pilgrim girl at the feast, and she loved that Fionn was there with her. This picture is them praying at the beginning of their feast.
We were lucky enough to host Thanksgiving again this year, and it's always fun being surrounded by our family. The smells of the food cooking, the laughter of everyone playing, the snores of Greg(trying to get some sleep since he works 3rd shift Thanksgiving week) Our Wii feels loved while everyone is here, and even Zilla is tired when everyone leaves from all his playing with Phoebe. Fionn and Mikey are a blast to watch. They play musical laps between Mema and Pop-pop and then chase each other around and around. Maggie once again helped cook, and she and Pop-pop even ran to the store for some last minute ingredients. We were lucky to have my Aunt and Uncle join us, as they normally do for Thanksgiving. Their visit was short, too short, and I was sad not to have more time with them. Had I realized that they were leaving that night, I would have skipped my couple hour nap after dinner.
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Like I said, we've been busy! I'm working on a special blog project over on my work blog, I'm trying to do a picture post a day everyday until Christmas. I've been better about posting there than here I'm afraid. I don't know about all of you, but I feel like this month is flying by. We have successfully hunted our tree, but have yet to decorate it. We still have to take our pictures for our Christmas cards, even though I've designed a lot of cards so far, ours are not ones that are finished.
I plan on hosting a give away before Christmas, my first give away ever, so make sure you stop back soon to see what it is!!


2 wonderful people say::

Just Me said...

LOTS of November/December fun! We picked out our Christmas tree a couple times growing up and it was really fun. No one in my family has their trees up yet...kinda sad! I love your work blog project! :o) Great to see an update here too!
Take care.

Anonymous said...

I love the pictures. It's really great to have the family tradition of you all going out and picking your own real tree.

I'm so excited about Christmas. I can't wait til' you all get home.

I love you. Mom