Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas Eve

Every year we spend Christmas Eve at my Aunt's with my fathers side of the family.  This year was no different, and even though we should have driven home on the 23rd, so we could be there early, we didn't.  We drove home ON the 24th and were just a tad late.  Fashionable you could say, lol.
My sister was already there with her brood, including James, the newest addition to the family.

He likes to sleep in my lap.  He was only twelve days old on Christmas Eve, and look how stinkin cute he was in the snowman sweater!!  My dad and uncle were loving him up for a while as well.

Maggie made sure she got her snuggles in too.  She was so excited to get to hold him all by herself.

Fionn, however was more interested in COOKIES.  That was his newest word.  Every time we fired up the oven last week he came out and yelled "cookies" while throwing his arms in the air.  He was soooo excited about all the cookies we made.  You would have thought the boy had never had a cookie before.  Here he is enjoying a yummy Pecan Tart that we made.

My beautiful nieces loving their new jammies that we got them for Christmas.  They practically jumped into them when we were done opening gifts.  Every year we give new Christmas jammies on Christmas Eve, and every year we see all our nieces and nephews on Christmas Eve, so they all get new jammies from us as well.

Even my nephew loved his new jammies.  We got all the boys these cute moose jammies.  Our nieces got blue Gingerbread jammies.
Once we got back to Mema and Pop-pop's, Fionn and Maggie opened their new jammies as well.  From there it was out to feed the reindeer their special mix and back in to leave Santa his cookies.  Fionn decided it was a great idea to sample Santa's cookies as well.  Sorry Santa.

We hope you all had a fabulous Christmas Eve, ours was beautiful and just as perfect as it should have been.  From this point we check the Santa Tracker and then our babies RUN to bed so that Santa doesn't skip us over.  We had hoped to make it to Midnight Mass, but before we knew it, it was already too late.  Every year we spend the night at Greg's parents, and it's so much fun to wake up together as a family on Christmas Morning.  More about that soon though...


2 wonderful people say::

Hilary said...

Very cute pictures!!! Happy new year to you!! How is everything going with you and the baby? I hope great :)

stacie said...

Hi Ginger! Its so nice to see you and your family had a nice Christmas! It was great to see you in the Market District. I was telling all my family how funny it was. Suddenly not a blog stalker anymore but a real stalker. Just kidding. Hope to see you there again.