Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Light Up Night

If you've been reading our blog for long, you'll know that we always attend Light Up Night in Downtown Pittsburgh every year. Well, except for last year. It was bitterly cold, and as badly as we wanted to go, taking Fionn out was just out of the question.

This year though was perfect. The weather was still in the 50's, and the sky was clear. It was a great night to see Santa light up downtown. We picked up daddy from work, and off we went...

As you can see, even Santa loved his work of lighting up the Point! Fionn wasn't too sure about these fireworks, but loved the ones on the 4th of July. After the fireworks were over we headed down to see Santa's handy work. The tree looked great and we snapped a few pictures in front of it while we waited for the crowd to dwindle down.
It was another long, but fun night. Fionn scored this awesome light up light saber from a passerby. All he did was say "ooooh" and "wow" when the college guy was walking past him, and he gave it to him. He loves it so much that we have to hide it just so he'll put it down.

2 wonderful people say::

Just Me said...

Looks like a ton of fun and I LOVE that you got a picture with the kids in front of the tree :o) I can't believe they do these Santa things before Thanksgiving now...that is just crazy to me, but still fun :o) Thanks for the pics!

Hilary said...

Ok~~ those pictures were so great!! Super cute kiddos...Happy Thanksgiving!!!! :)