Sunday, January 3, 2010

2010- The year of Cate

So Greg likes to joke that we all knew this was a girl from the get-go.  Let's just say my hormone level has been ever-so slightly agitated.  Maggie once again got another one right, and we'd love to introduce you all to Cate.  She is due ON Fionn's 2nd Birthday (May 16th)  I guess you could say we like to keep things close.
When we had Fionn I told Greg that I couldn't imagine having another baby before Fionn was two, but there was no way I wanted to have another baby AFTER he turned two.  I guess I left the time frame OF turning two open though, and well, here's Cate!
Everything about this pregnancy has us excited.  Fionn is already practicing saying "CaTee" and baby(even though today he said "ho-ho" when he pointed to my tummy) but since last week was Christmas, we'll let that one slide.  Maggie is beside herself with excitement, because boys as you know, "steal your stuff"  lol, just WAIT Mags, you'll see.  Fionn has a habit of waving hi to Cate every time we have an ultrasound, and sure enough Cate obliges him and waves back.(To be fair Cate waved first in October, and Fionn waved back and said "hi baby") and no I'm not making that up.  He loves to watch the DVD we have of Cate, and smiles from ear to ear as he watches it.  Cate also seems to be a bit like her big brother and it seems as though she also likes her thumb.

If you know my kids, you know they have BIG feet, and it looks like baby Sister is following right in their tracks.  Yes, we counted 10 fingers, 10 toes, everything's perfect on her!

in honor of the year of 2010, the year of Cate, we are doing our first ever give-away!! 
Excited now??
I love Briar Claire, and have already made quite a few purchases from there in the last month.  This week however, I made one special purchase.  A newborn hat(girls or course) that one lucky reader is going to win.   Just follow that link and let me know which item is your favorite at Briar Claire, and you'll be entered to win!
Good luck!

7 wonderful people say::

Hilary said...

Awe what a great name! Glad everything is going great :)

Amanda said...

Okay, so, um, good thing I have a nephew because that stuff is SO cute! I love how everything is named...although I couldn't find "Amanda"! Anyway, I think that someone else should win, but the first thing that caught my eye was the "Candice" because that color is great! But, I also like the Valentine and the Briar because the flowers are crocheted on and that is super cute too.

SO excited for 2010 and the year of Cate--I need to make plans to come see her (and you and Greg and Maggie and Fionn!)

Fun giveaway...good luck to all the readers who need something from BriarClair!

Take care,

Suzie said...

Love all the pics of Sweet Cate. I can't wait to get better pics of Carlynn here soon.

Now, on to the hats. I **love love love** the "hilary" infant hat. The dark pink with white rose. So precious. I can't wait to order from them again.

Hope you continue to have a smooth pregnancy. Our girls are going to be born so close. I expect to have my c-section at the end of may.


kristy said...

I am loving the flower headbands...that is something Hope doesn't have yet and i may have to remedy that with that Nola one! :) We cannot wait to meet Cate!

Santina said...

OMG Love that link Ginger! My brother just had twin girls and I will be shopping :) Love the Valentine.

Steph said...

I've loved reading your blog and have been following you on twitter for awhile. :)

I am in LOVE with the Naomi - White Crochet Headband with a Red Gerber Daisy. Red Gerbera's are my favorite flower...

I'm 8weeks pregnant so we've got a little while before we know what we're having. :) But super excited!!

Angie said...

Cute stuff!! I love the flower snaps...Grace is all about bows and hats!