Thursday, November 5, 2009

Gutting the Pumpkins

**Last Post until next week**

[I'm leaving early tomorrow morning for a great multi destination weekend. I'm spending a couple days in Omaha with Amanda before heading to Denver this weekend for a NILMDTS Area Coordinator training. I am so excited to be going both places, I can't even begin to tell you! I will fill you all in once I'm back]

Well we showed you how we picked out pumpkins, so now you get to see the process to see what they turned into. Our children were just as picky about the designs, down right bossy you could say, but it was all worth it, they were perfect. Maggie and Fionn were both excited to help, and couldnt' wait to dive right into the mess. We like to carve the night before Halloween if we can(to avoid any boo boo's with our pumpkins outside) Heaven forbid if one didn't make it to Halloween, there would be meltdowns!

Warning, there are even pictures of ME in this post, so no one wonder who that strange lady is. The funny face that Maggie and I are making, that's our spooky Count laugh as we carve our pumpkin. We hope you enjoy our pumpkins as much as we did!!

Dearest baby, if indeed you are NOT a girl, I am very sorry for putting a tiny little bow on your pumpkin's head. Your sister insisted, and who was I to say no?
And yes that giant piece of pumpkin she's holding up in the last picture is indeed a bat. Daddy's HUGE bat symbol was AWESOME!

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