Thursday, August 27, 2009

Maggie's Surprise Birthday Party!!

Surprise, Happy Birthday Maggie!

Goodness knows how i pulled it off, but I did. Less than 24 hours after our plane landed in Pittsburgh, I pulled off a surprise pool party for our birthday girl. That look above, the only time in my daughter's short life that she's been speechless! Maggie, a true diva, showed up LATE to her own birthday party, so it was short, but full of memories none the less. This was her very first birthday party since we moved to Pittsburgh (three years ago) and although we missed all our family and friends at home, Maggie enjoyed a party with all the kids from school! A lot of kids were busy since it was the last weekend before school started, but there were still enough there to make it a fun time!
We were nervous, when we woke up the sky was overcast, and it really looked like rain. I thought to myself "Lord, not today...please" Either he took my pleading to heart, or we just got really lucky because less than two miles away it POURED the entire time she was having her party one of the parents told us!
Here is a little play by play from her party:
As she was walking in, all the kids and parents jumped out and yelled "SURPRISE" I know you are thinking, well why did she dress like that if she didn't know?? I'll tell ya, I told her there was a back to school pool party and I had to help with it, and then go to a meeting at school with daddy. She fell for it hook, line and sinker!! (in her defense there was a pool party at the end of the year so she just assumed i would tell her the truth) HA!

In the pool with a bunch of her friends from St. Philip's. She's holding Grace's hand here, she's one of her bff's that lives down the street. This is them together below as well. Grace was Maggie's very first friend when we moved to Pittsburgh, and they're still close!Aunt Shelli, Uncle Bill and Mikey stayed over night so they could surprise the birthday girl! Look at Mikey go! Pretty soon he and Fionn are going to be unstoppable!

Hats off to this great life-guard who stood at the bottom of the slide to make sure that Maggie was okay. This slide has a lot of kick, and it's the first time she went down this one. You have to be able to swim the length of the pool and she's not quite that strong yet, and it's just a little over her head. He stayed in the water so she could go down a few times! He told us when she was done, that he was impressed, and doubted she would have even needed his help. You know me though, better safe than sorry! We had cupcakes, cupcakes, and MORE cupcakes! I made the blue beach themed ones above and we ordered the yummy looking ones below from a great lady from Erie! They were peanut butter and jelly mini-cupcakes and Kim did a great job on them. They were SO good in fact that the birthday girl didn't even get one! Here's a link to Kim's blog. Seriously ya'll these cupcakes were DELICIOUS! And of course there were presents! Thank you to everyone who came to celebrate our princess'' birthday with us. It was a great day filled with lots of fun and friends!
And it produced these smiles:

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Hilary said...

AWWWW!! Happy b-day Maggie!! how great that you surprized her too what fun :)