Saturday, August 8, 2009

and we're back...for now.

Things have been sooooo hectic here for the last two weeks that I've barely had time to breathe(or twitter) let alone blog. The prayer that I asked for last week is for my niece Zarah. She wants to come live with us and go to school with Maggie here in Pittsburgh, and we are trying hard to see the right path with this decision. She left on Sunday and we've yet to hear anything either way, so we are hoping that my sister makes a decision soon...
What does that mean for us? Well honestly, A LOT...our whole house would have to be re-arranged, we would have to convert our attic playroom into a bedroom for the girls, on top of buying new furniture to accommodate two growing girls. That also means two sets of uniforms and tuition to deal with, and two little girls to ballet every week...thing start to add up fast...and it just means a lot more work on our part. But goodness is she worth the work. Zarah and I have had a great connection since she was little, and I love having her here. We had fun doing all our normal family things with her last week, and it seemed that she had fun here as well.
On Saturday we went to the Home Depot for a fun project. The Home Depot (here in Pittsburgh anyway) has a kids craft time the first Saturday of every month from 9-12. This was their 2nd Home Depot craft they made last week...on Tuesday we stopped at family night at chick fil-a and it was Home Depot craft night...that project is the one at the top of the post! These below are from the cork board making on Saturday morning!!

We have been doing so much this week, that my head is spinning and I can barely keep up. This weekend seems to staying active all weekend as well, so I promise to get up a couple more posts before we leave for Florida next week!!!

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Hilary said...

How fun!!! Hope everything works out with Zarah as it suppost too!! Will be praying for you guys!! hang in there :)