Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mothers Day

What a great poem isn't it? We are out and about bright and EARLY today, no sweet brunches or teas, but a walk this morning. A walk to remember and honor a very special mother who was taken out of my life way too soon. I realized tonight that I don't even have any pictures here in our house of my grandmother, she died when I was so young, but in my heart I still feel her love. And am told of it often, of how she prayed and prayed for me when I was a baby. The only video i've seen of us together was that of my first birthday, where I was sitting on her both hers and my sweet grammy's lap blowing out my candles.
Breast Cancer stole my grandmother way too early, and tomorrow we RACE FOR THE CURE! We wear PINK to honor her and all the other MOTHER'S that were taken from us too soon!
Enjoy your beautiful day together with your children my dear friends, Happy Mother's Day!

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