Thursday, May 14, 2009

1st Birthday Pictures

So I knew it would be difficult, all first birthday pictures are...the one I got of Maggie once she was mobile was her banging on the backdrop, and I was happy with that...why I thought I could do better the second time around, no idea...I'm crazy like that...
You all know how much Fionn LOVES(I'm sorry, sarcasm doesn't really convey well on a blog) my lights, but I thought with the right timing and help from daddy we would be can see the outcome...
He was fine the WHOLE day, while I got everything set up he crawled under my feet. Greg took him out to swing in the hammock chair while I got my camera set, and this is what happened when they came back in the room. NOTHING we did made it better. Everything he normally likes made him cry harder...we tried new things, we got MAYBE a minute of smiles!
48 hours until our boy turns ONE

3 wonderful people say::

Nicole said...

That picture with the reasons is hysterical!!! I know how bummed you must be, but you have to laugh about it, too. Knowing you the little amount that I do - I'm sure you are laughing quite a bit. :o) Thanks for the chuckle!

Anonymous said...


Where is your Happy Birthday smile?
I can't wait to see you this evening. I can't believe either that tomorrow you will be "1"!
Wow!, it sure has been a fast year.
I love you punkin and can't wait till you all get here.

Kelly said...

Hi Ginger--passing along a blog award to you! Details are here: