Saturday, July 26, 2008

More vacation fun!

We stayed pretty busy the week we were home. We had play dates with a couple of our friends, and Maggie and Luke made us pizza for lunch when they came over for a little visit! It was wonderful actually, I was impressed.

We went to Little Gramma and Harry's one night for dinner and Maggie learned who the smurfs were that night. lol, she had no idea and had fun playing with toys that were Greg and Aunt Shelli's when they were kids. Dinner was wonderful and Fionn gave Gramma a run for her money while he was there! Another night we went to the playground at the elementary school and Fionn took his first ride on a slide. He and Pop-pop raced Maggie down the slides! We were stalked by a stray can and Maggie thought we needed to take it home to take care of it. Let's just say the silly cat lost one of it's nine lives while we were walking home and it finally disappeared! It was a scary moment and I thought we were going to have to bury a kitty to appease a traumatized little girl, but the cat made it out of the road just in time with an amazing six foot leap into the cattails along the road!

That weekend we went to Aunt She's and had a great weekend with her. We did a little shopping, i know schocking! lol Saturday evening we went with her and Uncle John to the Knox picnic at the zoo. This year is was a private evening at the zoo, and Maggie was sooo excited. And as you can see, so was Fionn. We haven't been to the Erie zoo in over a year and Maggie was literally counting down the minutes until she could see Lela again! We walked around for a little while before dinner, and then the clouds started rolling in right after dinner. We only had gotten around the top loop, and we figured we better skip the train if we wanted to see anything else. Those clouds came in faster than we even thought, and we never made it past Lela! We tried waiting out the rain but it just came faster and harder, so we have no choice but to make a run for it. When Maggie made that run her precious elephant that she had painted on her arm disappeared and she was slightly traumatized! Everyone(but Fionn) was soaked and needless to say, the picnic was over early! Maggie was really bummed so we promised we would go back another time this summer! The rest of the weekend with Aunt She and John was wonderful, and we are sad that we don't get more time with them!!

On Sunday we headed back to Mema and Pop-pops to await Daddy's arrival. It was the first time Fionn had been away from him(and for a week at that) and he was really out of sorts by Sunday! He wasn't sleeping like normal and he was confused i think about what was going on. Greg worked LATE and then drove home after work to be with us again. As you can see, Fionn was much happier as soon as daddy was home! We were all better once daddy was back with us. that was our week at home! I'm sorry that July was a horrible month for us keeping in touch, life was crazy to say the least!! I promise that I'll try to catch everyone up this week. I can't believe that it's August already, so much has happened and Fionn has already changed so much. I know this post will probably have a different date, this was saved as a draft for awhile while i worked on it!!

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