Sunday, March 2, 2008

Memorial Tomorrow

I'm sorry i never posted anything in the last week, it's been an emotional rollercoaster. Kristy had Asher a week ago Friday, even though it doesn't seem possible it's been over a whole week already. What a brave little fighter he was, and was with them for a little over half an hour. We tried to make it in time to be there when she had her C-section, but ended up there about an hour later. We were privledged to share in Asher's day though. He was beautiful, this little nose and big cheeks, and if you just glanced you would have assumed he was sleeping in mom's arms when we got there. He weighed in at 4.1 pounds and was 16 inches long.
Kristy and Howard were surrounded that day by family and friends lifting them all up to the Lord, and I hope through their pain, they felt a little comfort by all of us being there.
Tomorrow is Asher's memorial and I'm asking tonight for more prayers over the next two days for our friends. They've taken it a day at a time so far, but i'm sure tomorrow and Monday at the burial will be more than a little hard for them. We're leaving early tomorrow to go be with them, and just ask that you remember them for the next few days as you go about your lives...

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