Thursday, March 27, 2008

30 weeks already!

I can't believe my last post was our anniversary, and that was almost a month ago. So much has happened in the last month, it seems the closer we get to Fionn's arrival, the faster the time seems to fly.
We had another sonogram last Thursday and we finally got confirmation(well i got visual confirmation)that he is def. a boy! A big boy at that. He was measuring 3 pounds, 6 oz already(at 29 weeks) The same day as our sonogram I had to do a second three hour glucose test since my last number was high when i took it the first time. It was a long day last Thursday at the hospital, but it was all worth it when we had our sonogram. Fionn is breech right now, and facing my spine, so it's not the most comfortable of positions, but as long as he's okay it's just another minor complication.
We just heard back today from the doctor about the glucose test and it's looking like Gestational Diabetes after all. I'm not sure what all this entails, but get to find out in the morning. My two middle numbers were SUPER high so now i go to the specialist. The first person i see is a dietician tomorrow who will go over a more specific diet that i will have to follow and tell me what all i will have to do to try and control this.
I feel silly asking for prayer, but i could use some on this matter. My grandfather had diabetes and i watched him almost daily as a kid checking his levels and giving himself a shot and it slighly traumatized me. I hated needles and the click of his machine when he pricked his finger scared me to death. I know it's just a mental block and i'll be fine, but it makes my heart race just thinking about it. And i'm not sure how many people know, but i'm already supposed to be checking my blood pressure daily to be on the look out for preclampsia. All fun stuff i know, but as long as it's keeping Fionn safe, then i'll do anything they tell me to. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this is just something i can control with diet.
On a lighter, happier note, Greg had a big week as well. He got a call from Robert Morris on Tuesday and now is an Associate Professor there starting this fall. He goes back this fall to start his doctorite and they offered him a position teaching a clinical as well. Maggie and I are so proud of him, we prayed long and hard for a way for Greg to continue his education without having to take out MORE student loans and this seems like an answer to those prayers.
I guess it's about time to wrap this one up. My eyes are staring to burn even though my brain hasn't stopped yet. I'll settle for a couple hours of sleep tonight!

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