Friday, November 5, 2010

Dear Cate...month 6

Dear Cate, you are SIX months now.  
Half a year.  Already.  Amazing.  Mind boggling actually.  You are 17 pounds and 26 inches long.  You love to eat, and still LOVE that bottle.  You roll over, smile, laugh, throw toys, say Mama and....

 Can sit up now....sort of...maybe.  For a few seconds anyway, lol.  You are so stinkin' cute and get SO excited about sitting up and looking around that you forget that your not so great at it(yet).  BUT you gets better everyday.  
Your Daddy loves to harass you that your favorite word is Mama and you say it ALL the time, but you don't seem to care.  Just to show him, you also now say "bubba" no matter how hard he coaches "dada"  You LOVE to annoy Fionn by demanding Daddy time, which he considers all his.  
You are now sleeping in your crib exclusively, and enjoy your saucer (almost as much as the high chair)  You still only have your two bottom teeth, but have been in a foul mood the last few days so I assume the two top are getting ready to make an appearance.  You also still love to babble and sing, and definitely make your voice heard.
It's been quite the month and I can't wait to see what the next one brings.  You are starting to scoot yourself (very slowly) across the floor and it makes me think that you're figuring things out...
Until next month, all my love.
Love, Mommy

Showing Her Off:
We went to the park last weekend for Family Portraits and I brought my camera along as well (imagine that)  These are some of the images that I got of our little lovebug. 
 Daddy's FULL attention, just the way she likes it.
 Oh yeah, she's got him RIGHT where she wants him.
And her big sister.  She adores her, but it goes both ways.  Those are the "sister" hats that Maggie commissioned me to make while pregnant for them.  That is Cate's second, and it looks like it's about time for a bigger one AGAIN!

Here are just a few others that we took in the last week.  She had a BUSY week!!  The Steeler ones are personal favorites, while the the bottom one is from our trip to ZooBoo last Saturday.

2 wonderful people say::

Hilary said...

awe she's getting so big!!! Love all the pictures..Such a cute family :)

Just Me said...

Happy Half-birthday (a little late!) I LOVE all the photos! She is so stinkin' cute! :) Miss you!
:) Amanda