Friday, September 24, 2010

Dear Cate...month 5

 Dear Cate,
TODAY you are FIVE Months old!  You are such a beautiful little soul, so full of life!  You continue to make us smile with your bubbles and laughter.  Just last night you "sang" along with a song.  Granted it was GLEE, and J-Z but hey, you were digging it!  
You now weigh OVER 16 pounds and last month you were almost 25 inches long already!
You've had quite the month.  Not only do you roll over now, but you now reach for things on a regular basis and actually "play" with your toys.  You even have inched yourself forward a few times laying on your play mat.  Getting that little bottom off the ground still seems like it's going to take a while, but I'm sure you'll be up and crawling before we know it.  
You've changed so much just in the last month that I can hardly believe it.  You somehow skipped over most of your 0-3 months clothes and are making your way QUICKLY through your 3-6 months.  

At your last check up last month, doc thought that it was time to start you on food.  SO we started oatmeal a couple times just to try it out, and now just this week you ate baby food for the first time.  You weren't sure at first, but now really like meal time!
 You are so adorable, the way you go from serious to absolute excitement in a blink of an eye.  You also now do the "swim" ALL the time when you are excited.  You have to move both of your arms and legs at the same time in almost a doggy paddle.  It's how we know you're REALLY excited.  You do it when we lay you down for tummy time, and you crack yourself up when doing it!
 We originally thought you would be a thumb sucker, just like your big brother, but in the last month (since you started teething) you have really come to want your pacifier when you're really tired. 
 You still adore your daddy, and you and your brother still fight for his attention and time daily.  I'm happy to report that MY arms is still your favorite place to be and I'm happy to have you there.  
It's been a beautiful, blessed five months with you darling! 
Love, MOM

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Angie said...

How precious Ging!!

Robin Visbal said...

Hello. I'm Hailey's mom and have been trying to respond you your comment on my blog (The Visbal Family), but my emails are getting rejected.

Would you please email me? Thanks!