Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Cocoa Beach, FL

Cocoa Beach, FL.
(our first trip to the beach during vacation)

Since we were staying in Orlando, and you know didn't REALLY you know, want to do something as silly as read a book (or relax for that matter on vacation this year) we decided that it would be ambitious to try to take our kids to BOTH the Atlantic and the Gulf Shore since we were directly in the middle of the state.  Yes, AND go to Disney.  It was a BIG week.  I mean HUGE
 I mean really, who goes to Disney and BOTH shores in one week.  
We are THAT family it seems.
It was a nice hour(ish) drive over to the Atlantic and honestly we saw a billboard for Cocoa Beach on the way over, so headed there.  We found a spot just south of Cape Canaveral and just north of the pier.  It was a great spot.  We got there a little after 5pm and missed the craziness of the beach crowd.  It was lovely.  Just a few other families around us, but we had plenty of beach space.  Fionn belongs on the shore, and we know it's just a matter of time until we lose him to the call of the ocean.  We just pray he stays East Coast.  Last year the boy cried when we left the ocean for the last time, and he was soooo excited on the way there this year when we told him where we were going.  

As you can see, big sister loves the shore as well.

and the baby girl.  She is seriously the calmest baby I've ever met.  She just chills and rolls with life.  We can take her anywhere, and she is cool with whatever we're doing.  The ocean, no big deal.  We sat there with her for a long time and she just sat and watched the waves come in and hit her feet.

Toes in the Atlantic for the first time.  Less than 4 months old.

The rest of the family drove out to meet us after a little while and the boys had a BLAST digging on the beach together.

Pop-pop with his girls!

oh did we enjoy our evening in Cocoa Beach!  It was a perfect way to split up the crazy of Disney!

2 wonderful people say::

Angie said...

what a great memory Ging!

Just Me said...

I want to go to the beach! What a great time! I miss you guys...need to plan another trip to the 'Burgh (or somewhere else...we need another Chicago ;) ) Hope you are doing well.

Take care,