Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Vacation day 3

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Sesame Place day TWO -AMAZING!
Plain and simple, this was the best possible trip we could have taken this week.

We have loved everything about the park.  Even the prices, seriously.  It's the one amusement park that I don't feel like we were taken to the cleaners to come to.  We got a RIDICULOUSLY good deal on our package to come, which included a free upgrade to season passes when we booked our trip, so it took the "oh no...we HAVE to go these days" out of our trip.  We knew we could come any number of our four day trip, so we played it by ear everyday.  We thought we may go back tomorrow for half a day before heading for home, but the weather is NOT going to cooperate, so we're just going to meander back towards Pittsburgh and see where the wind blows us(hopefully not literally)
We spent TWO whole days at Sesame Place and still didn't do everything there was to offer, and the park is NOT that large.  It's pretty small actually (around the same size as Kennywood, but bigger than Waldameer to all our Western PA friends) We never made it to the 3rd show, nor did we even make it to the lazy river or the other water attractions.  We didn't even play on this massive rope climbing area or stop once at the playgrounds, that's how much more fun there was to be had.
Today was all about trying to see the shows, and meet more characters...and of course the 
we were with Fionn after all!
We succeeded in all of our plans, and were happy when we left the park.  In the two days we were there, we only ate one actual meal IN the park(and that was our character dinner tonight)  We had free breakfast every morning at our hotel, and took a cooler with lunch for the afternoons.  There just happens to be a Wal-mart right by our hotel, and a nice BIG(but still mini) refrigerator in our room, so we went and got a few essentials Sunday night.  We chose to pay a little more (but still under $20 a day) for parking so we would be close enough to just walk out and eat and go back in.
Greg was skeptical(as he told me tonight) about paying what we did for the Character Dinner...until the character dinner.  
It was AWESOME.  
We had dinner with Big Bird, Elmo, Cookie, Zoe, and Burt and Ernie.  Except for Elmo and Big Bird (you went to them) everyone else came around to every table(multiple times actually)  Mag and Fionn had SO much fun, their smiles and laughter was worth every penny we shelled out!
We have not been sure about Disney, if Fionn was ready, but after this trip, I think he is!  He was not scared one bit (just grumpy when tired) and did such a good job with everything!!
So here is day two in pictures, ENJOY

So that's it.  We closed down the park pretty much both nights (it was only open until 8pm) and had so much fun while there.  In the last picture of Fionn I asked him "did you have fun buddy" and he said "YESH"
that's all that matters.
We are brown (mommy and daddy a little pink) and tired, and happy. 
All the makings of a great vacation! 

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Hilary said...

OMG how fun!! The pictures are great and everyone looks like they are having a great time :)

Just Me said...

I'm so glad you had so much fun!! Cool pictures with your iPhone :) Hope the rest of your summer is just as fun!
Take care,