Sunday, January 17, 2010


A couple months ago I got a new 28mm lens.  I've not really gotten a chance to "play" with it yet, so I took the opportunity to this week.  It was a fun week, we had a lot of different fun activities planned with the kids (Sesame Street Live for example) and it was great with all the beautiful snow outside.
Now the snow is gone, it's raining, and I have plenty of time to show you what we've been working on for the last couple weeks.

Maggie had to take in 5 pictures to school this week of "people" she loves.  Since she has way more than five people that she loves, and we couldn't NOT include any of the grandparents, we went with people&pets that she loves that live IN our house.  Ella here was our hardest subject.  It took a lot of snuggling and petting to get her to cooperate.
Godzilla on the other hand is an old pro and happily obliged for a new, updated picture.  Fionn happily fed his "zilba" treats as zilla posed for his shoot.
Speaking of our handsome little man, here he is.  We were taking pictures of mommy's newest creations and he stood at the door with his "zilba" while I got my shots outside.  Little bruiser here has been really beating himself up.  I'm assuming this is normal for a boy, but wow, it makes my heart race.  It seems like he gets a new "boo-boo" almost daily.  Thank goodness a kiss from momma is all most of them need to be all better!
Ready to see what I've been working on this month??  My nana crocheted, and I never learned and that always made me sad.  Maggie has so many great things that Nana made her, it made me sad that Fionn never got a "Nana" blanket ( even though he did get his infamous night-night blankie from Greg's Gramma) so this year I decided that I would try to learn to crochet.  I got a book, a couple hooks, and I watched lot of videos on YouTube.  My goodness do I love YouTube.  I used it last fall to learn how to knit, but knitting needles and Fionn don't mix well.  Crocheting seems to work a little better.  He's not so interested in my hooks.  Anyway, I found a hat that I really liked, gave it my own twist, and here's what I've been up to.
Cate has inspired me!  We have quite a few friends have had girls recently, and even more are pregnant with girls now, so i've had fun making them all hats!  I originally made a few tiny that I can keep in my bag for my NILMDTS sessions to just give to the families, and it grew from there.  I love making these, they are quite easy to make, and really they just make me happy.
So what do you think?

4 wonderful people say::

Just Me said...

I think the hats are super cute :o) And, always fun to see photos of the kiddos :o) Enjoy the rest of the weekend!
Take care,

Nicole said...

Great pictures - as always! =) Your hats are adorable. I can't believe you make them!!!

Hilary said...

The new pictures are great and the hats oh Lordie are too precious!! :)

Aunt SHe said...

Love the hats Ging and the pictures. You really captured the essence of Maggie, Ella, Zilla and Fionn!! Love the pics and the hats - wish I was young again!!