Thursday, December 6, 2007

Silly Kids

Yesterday it finally snowed, i mean really snowed, here in Pittsburgh! Maggie was so excited, she begged all day to go out and make a snowman. We waited until early afternoon and took the dogs for a walk on the trail, and Maggie was just Maggie.
Between her and Zilla they could cheer up the grouchiest person with their antics. Which is how i've been feeling this week. Lack of sleep, grumpy sisters, and mean customers all rolled into a 48 hour time period, lucky me! I took a big breath and just dealt with it all.
I'm probably NOT going to get a recommendation from my last customer, lol, but i did everything i could to make her happy. It's not my fault her check STILL hasn't cleared after 6 days! I didn't write the check. I busted my butt to make her happy, she LOVED her pictures, but i guess was not happy about my policy to wait until payment clears to actually order her items!!
UGH, okay it's out...i'm better now!
Back to my beautiful little girl, i never tire of talking about her!
She is amazing, it makes me smile just to see how excited she's getting for Christmas. We took her to see Santa last night and she was just blown away by the santa at the Robinson Mall. If any of you are coming this way before Christmas you HAVE to go see the santa there. He makes ME believe in Santa Claus again. You will not be disappointed. The line is always long to see him, but he is worth every second.
The pictures are all from playing in the snow yesterday! I know that i send most out in an email, but thought i should post them here as well. They were so cute i couldn't resist snapping away!!

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