Thursday, July 26, 2012

Summer Catch Up

I think I may be the WORST blog writer that there ever was.  The days are just flying by, and since it's summer, we've been losing track of what day it is. 
So let's catch you all up.  Here's what happened since my last post:

Cate turned TWO.  

I know, can you believe it.  Already.  This little beauty keeps us on our toes.  There is no doubt she is in charge here.  

Greg graduated with his Doctorate in May.

as you can see, the good Dr.s work is never done. 
Maggie took this of Greg and I at his fancy Dr. dinner.

 Fionn turned FOUR.

and Maggie completed 3rd grade AND another year of dance.

It's hard to believe that she will be in 4th grade in less than a month. 

We went on vacation in June to Massanutten, VA. 

We took a couple family images there.

as you can see Cate wasn't sure about getting soaked, but she ended up loving it.  

Maggie joined the swim team this year and is having SO much fun.  

Tomorrow is her last meet of the summer, and it's the all star meet.  She'll be swimming in 3 races we'll be there to cheer her on!  She's done so well, and it's hard to believe she's only been on the team for a little over a month.  We are truly blessed to have such a great team to be a part of.

Tonight, we went out and took a few new images of the kiddos.

Maggie is weeks away from turning NINE, and we needed updated images of her since she had her big haircut two weeks ago.  Our big girl cut 11 inches off her hair and donated it to Locks of Love.  We couldn't be more proud! 

SO, that's OUR summer so far. 

 Not much of it left, but we're going to try to cram some more fun in.  We've been working on a pretty big backyard project this summer, and my business has been growing in leaps and bounds.  I'll try to sneak back and update the images on our blog soon.  It's really sweet to see itty bitty Cate here though. 
If you're on fb or twitter, come find me there if you'd like to see more of us.  Also, I'm on Instagram and use it ALL the time. 
come find me, pxbHites.
Hope you all are well.



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