Sunday, April 25, 2010

Catherine Jeanne

Catherine Jeanne...
was born on Friday, April 23rd at 2:32pm.  She is not nearly as large as they thought she would be, and only tipped the scales at 6 pounds 8 oz.  She is TEENEY tiny, my smallest baby after all.  She is only 19 1/4 inches long, so we have quite the little peanut on our hands...
 Big Brother sneaking his first peek at hie Cate-Eeeeee(as he calls her)
Proud Big Sister Maggie put Mema and Pop-pop on high alert that SHE was third in line to hold Cate, after that everyone else could "fight it out" after her before she left for school.  We had to promise her that no one would hold Cate(besides mom and dad) before her.  She IS, after all. the Big

Mema waited patiently for her turn in the recovery room, and this is their first meeting.  Cate was sweet and let everyone love up on her.  This is Pop-Pop with her once we got out of recovery and into our room.  
Big Sister was stalking her with my phone camera( her eyes were open finally) while Aunt Shell and Uncle Bill got some snuggle time in.  She made sure though that she got turns in between everyone else to hold her again.  She just sat and talked to her and stared.  It was beautiful to see.  Cate was comfy just listening to her big sister's voice!
THIS is Maggie giving Cate her lovie, and in return, Cate gave Maggie these awesome matching hats. Cate's ribbon was a little snug though, so she'll get a new one when we get home.  I'll post a better picture of Cate with her lovie later.  
All too soon it was time for the kiddos to head back home with Mema and Pop-pop so they took turns giving her good-bye kisses...even Fionn.  He wasn't so sure on Friday about it all, but by Saturday he seemed to understand.  Every little cry he has to check on, and Greg had to pull up a chair so he could watch him change her diaper. 
Greg had to leave Saturday morning to go take Mag and Fionn to swim lessons, and I'm not sure who was more sad about that, Cate or daddy.  Yes, she's THAT tiny!  Her sweet big sister picked out this outfit so we had it on her waiting for Maggie to come in after swim.  
Aunt Shell and Uncle Bill came back with Pop-pop for a visit while the kiddos were in swim as they had to head back home last night.  Uncle Bill made sure to help Cate style her hair, which she has SOOOOOOoo much of!  Much more than my other two babies combined!  Look at those cheeks, just like Fionn's!  It blows me away how much she looks JUST like him...only girlie, lol.

 Once Aunt Shell and Uncle Bill got done fighting over her, Pop-pop got a little more snuggle time in.  Look how big his hand is in comparison to her little head! 
It was a FULL day Saturday, but at least Cate and I got a good nap in while Greg was gone taking the kids to swim. Friday night was tricky as she was trying to figure out this whole nursing thing, but we seem to be getting the hang of it now and she's having great sleep and alert patterns.  She seems to understand to sleep when it's just her and I, so that when everyone comes to visit she wakes up and lets everyone fuss over her.  LOL, smart girl already!   
We are truly lucky, and she is PERFECT in every sense of the word!  Her size shocked us, and has us scrambling on a few fronts, but nothing is wrong health wise and that's ALL that matters.  She is with us in our room, and we are LOVING every second of our snuggling time together.  Right now she and daddy are zonked out in the chair, but I'm sure in just a little bit I'm going to hear a little squeak for breakfast!  
I'm going to try to sneak another little nap in since daddy has her, but we'll share more of Cate soon!! 

4 wonderful people say::

Hilary said...

What a little BEAUTY Cate is!! Oh melt me :) You can tell everyone is crazy in love with her too :) Congrats to your family!!!

Stephanie RN BSN (to be!) said...

Congratulations! She's beautiful!

Just Me said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this! She is so teeny tiny and does have a TON of hair (don't they say that makes you have more heartburn?! I guess you should have known she'd have a ton...ha!) She is so sweet and everyone is loving on her. Good thing I live far away because it would be so hard to stay away! I have this nasty cold and not being able to love on that little bundle of joy would be absolute torture! I'll definitely kick this sickness and be ready for lots of smooches and love by the time I come :)

I hope you are doing well. Hugs and continued prayers,

Nicole said...

Love this post! Great pictures, beautiful family, and blessed in every way. So glad you're both healthy and doing well. =) Congrats again! She's amazing...

Love you all!