Monday, February 11, 2008

Another Week...

Wow, it's been a month since my last post, and what a long month it's been! We have a new house(which we all love) Greg's job is going well, and he's on target to start his Doctorite this fall. Fionn is on track still, even though he's starting to make it difficult to get up when i'm sitting down. He likes to sit right between my hips, and Greg just chuckles when he has to help me up! He esp. likes my right hip even though it's not that comfortable for mommy!
Maggie is just Maggie, our little princess. Not too much can through her off kilter, but she was going a little stir crazy last week with no entertainment! All her books are still boxes, we had no tv and our DSL was out. On top of that Verizon told us for over a week to wait daily at the house, they were coming that day and never showed. We could have went to the Childrens Museum or to the zoo to keep her occupied, but instead we sat here unpacking everyday. The one box of toys that we brought down from the playroom and unpacked seemed to occupy her a little, but she still wasn't so impressed with the new house yet.
She was happy to go to Mema and Pop-pop's for the weekend so she had all her normal comforts. That combined with Mema and Pop-pop, i'm surprised she came home today!
Supposedly Tuesday the DirectTv people will be here, so she should be happy again!

We are so excited for "Love Day" this week, even though Daddy has to work all day! My wonderful husband made it up to me by taking me to dinner and a movie over the weekend. 27 dresses is a cute movie and i recommend it to anyone! I hope everyone else has a great "Love Day" this week, i know it's a special day here at our house. Maggie loves making other people presents, and she gets a real kick out of "love day" Until next time!

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