Thursday, June 9, 2011

Sum, sum, summertime...wahoo!

Don't you love how they help me water the front lawn?  The pool isn't open all day (quite) yet so we've had to come up with creative ways for them to all keep cool.  Cate is NOT a fan of the Sprinkler, and our baby pool is too small for Mag to do more than dip her toes in, but give them a couple squirt guns, turn the pool sprinkler on and VOILA.  Everyone is happy!  This was actually on Memorial Day, but I'll post more about our day later.

There she goes...

When did it happen?  When did my baby get so big.  She's in such a hurry to rush off to school this morning for her last FULL day of 2nd grade...weren't we JUST starting 2nd grade.  We were talking about the things that will be different next year this morning as I packed her lunch and she ate breakfast, and I almost broke down on her then.  She moves up to the middle grades lunch, she can start playing school sports, and 3rd grade curriculum.  YIKES.
  I am begging you.  my heart can't take it.
The only way you grew this year is UP and now you're almost as tall as I am.
All she's been talking about all week is that her birthday is coming...two months from now, when she goes BACK to school.  I warned her that she may not want to wish it here so fast, otherwise her summer will be over and done before it even begins.  
And two months.  It is not nearly long enough for all the fun I want to have with them.  Seriously.  
And the worst part about 3rd grade...
Fionn starts PRE-SCHOOL.  
seriously, the tissues...who has some for me?

May--where did you go?

Today is the 27th, can you believe it?  In just TWO days we'll have been in our house for a month and I've yet to write one little blog post about it!  What a month it's been!  We're still not done unpacking and I have a confession to make... 
I've only hung ONE picture on the wall.  Yeah, i'm not kidding.  Can you believe it.  This is OUR house, and I have barely put any of US into it.  Anyone else like that?  I guess I'm just trying to get a feel for where I want everything to go.  Our other house had more wall space I guess, lots of high ceilings so I'm not sure where I want everything to go really.  We had a great big open staircase at the other house, and here it's a smaller closed space so not really room to hang pictures going up.  I need to put my creative hat on and figure out where everything should go and honestly just have not had time yet.
We've been so busy that you've yet to see Maggie's 1st Communion, Fionn's birthday or even more pictures of just our house.  Can you believe THIS month has been my busiest yet with Frames of Infinity too?  I know.  This month, of all the months.  As a matter of fact I have another session tonight so I need to move this post along!

Those words were written once again, weeks ago. 
UGH.  I can't believe how fast time flies.  
We now officially have been in our house for over a month and still we have boxes to unpack and pictures to hang.  We've already had a pipe break and a home repair that needed IMMEDIATE attention.  Thank goodness we caught it quick and only have minimal damage.  A few things in the bathroom need replaced, but at least now we can put a little of US in our home.
We've had another big event.  Maggie's dance recital.  She did AMAZING.  Seriously, blew us away.
So here's the run down.

1st Communion

Trip Home:


Memorial Day:

New Swing set:
 New Puppy:
Field Trip:
Dance Recital:
WHEW...that covers most of it!  Those are just a few of the posts that I promise I'll expand on before the month is out!  Trust me, each one deserves it's own post, not just a "hey, this is where we've been" fly through.